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Tanagada outlines priority programs to improve teaching as number hits 11,000

Some of the teachers during today's parade in Honiara
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The Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Hon. Lanelle Tanagada has outlined progresses towards improving the national teaching service during celebrations marking World Teachers Day in Honiara today.

According to Hon. Tanagada, the Government’s priority programmes include the Education Bill 2022, the Curriculum Development project, Senior Secondary Education Improvement project, Professional Teacher Development project, and the Classroom Assessment Framework and Guideline that aims to improve teachers’ ability to assess students learning.

“My ministry through teachers do play a significant role in ensuring the implementation of these activities, projects and engagements so that its impact is evident in every day teaching and learning,” Hon Tanagada said.

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The Education Minister said the Government’s intention and priority is to see a new teachers’ scheme of service implemented along with the new Education Bill once it is passed by Parliament.

The current draft will see a new teachers and leaders’ administrative instruction replacing the current Teaching Services Handbook. Once endorsed it is anticipated that the teacher’s scheme is fair, implementable and promotes career progression for teachers.

Hon. Tanagada also highlighted that the number of teachers and schools in the country has significantly increased to 11,000 plus teachers and 30 different Education Authorities over the years, which, brings additional challenges to teacher management for the Ministry of Education.

One of the most recent improvements to addressing teacher management issues was the introduction of a new Education Management Information System known as OpenEMIS.

The system better supports Education Authorities to manage teacher employment issues at the Education Authority and school levels. Education Authorities are expected to start using the system early next year.

In addition, another step towards teacher improvement is the “Best Teacher of the Year Award”, which will be awarded every five years during World Teachers Day event.

Details of the criteria in which teachers wishing to be considered for the award will be developed and introduced to the Best Teacher of Solomon Islands award starting in 2024.


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