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Suidani repeats call for calm and calls on Sogavare to humbly hear the pleas of the people and resign

Premier Suidani.
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Premier of Malaita Province, the most populous province of the country has joined the Leader of Opposition and others to call on Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to immediately step down as Prime Minister to allow a new leader who has the confidence of the people to lead the country.

This follows the recent call by the Premier for Malaitans in Honiara to remain calm and refrain from unlawful activities;

At the same time, Premier Suidani said there is widespread disagreement within the community about how the Prime Minister has elevated the interest of foreigners above those of Solomon Islanders. “Over the last twenty years Mannaseh Sogavare has been in power, the plight of Solomon Islanders has worsened whilst at the same time foreigners have reaped the best of the country’s resources. People are not blind to this and do not want to be cheated anymore.”

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The Prime Minister should do the respectable and honourable thing by resigning from the position of Prime Minister and allow for a new leadership to lead from hereon”

This comes amidst calls by other leaders for the Prime Minister to step down;

The situation can be calmed down provided the Prime Minister does what the people of the country wants.  “He can be the solution” instead of provoking more violence and disorder.

Should the Prime Minister not find it in him to step down, Premier Suidani calls on all Malaitan MPs to show leadership and resign from DCGA.

This would take the burden of leadership away from Sogavare and pave the way for a motion of no confidence which can then remove him.


  • Press Release from Premier’s Office-

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