Premier Suidani
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Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani has admitted that the Malaita Provincial Government does not support the Auki protest last week and denies granting permission for the so-called M4D movement to organize the protest.

Suidani made the admission when meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) in Honiara Friday last week.

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He told Permanent Secretary Dick Stanley Pirione that he has no prior knowledge of the protest which was orchestrated by M4D without seeking permission from the Malaita Provincial Police Commander (PPC) in Auki.

The National Government is aware that the protest march was organized by M4D to reinstate Provincial Secretary Frederick Fa’abasua after he was recalled to Honiara by the Ministry of Provincial Government.

Suidani further admitted that the M4D is not legally recognized by the Malaita Provincial Government to claim that they represent the majority of Malaita people.

A week earlier, M4D wrote to the Auki Chinese Business Community to immediately shut down business and leave the Province following disagreement with the arrival of the China-Honiara flight which brought in Solomon Islands nationals including Chinese technical experts who will oversee work on infrastructure projects for the 2023 Pacific Games.

M4D also issued a media statement claiming that they have signed an MOU with the Auki Chinese Community to monitor the movement of Chinese business people in and out of Auki for fear of bringing in covid-19 into the country.

Premier Suidani admitted that the actions of M4D do not have the backing of the Provincial Government, a statement which was fully noted by National Government Officials attending the meeting.

Suidani said Malaita Province is thankful to the National Government through the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening for its ongoing assistance to Malaita Province in spite of the ongoing political differences.

Permanent Secretary Pirione also informed Premier Suidani and his delegation at the meeting that the request for PS Fa’abasua to remain at Auki will be discussed with relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fa’abasua has been advised to remain at Auki awaiting further advice either from the MPGIS or the Ministry of Public Service. In the meantime, his recall still stands.


Issued by Government Communications Unit

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