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Students seen in Kukum crowd, Mangau warns of bleak future

CoP Mangau

Police say they have evidence that some high school students were part of the planned protest at Kukum on Monday and appeals to them to stay away as it would ruin their future as some of the young people now experiencing.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said several young people who took part in criminal activities including the 2019 riots have been denied access to the labour mobility scheme because they had criminal records.


He said it is unfortunate that many young people who went for police clearance didn’t have clean records and as a fact they were denied access into the labour mobility programme because of their past criminal records.

“If you are a student or young person who has criminal record you’ll struggle when you come to Rove to get your police clearance. I am sad to say that many students who completed high schools have struggled here to get clearance because they have criminal history in our records,” he said.

The police chief states that there is evidence that shows that many young people are unable to enter the labour mobility and it also disadvantages them from employment and other opportunities because of their criminal history.

Mangau said on Monday some of the schools closed and students went and joined those who gathered at Kukum.

He called on parents and teachers to discourage their children not to attend such illegal gatherings.

The commissioner made the call as he assured the public to continue on with their normal life as police is prepared and is taking control of the current situation in Honiara.

Managau said schools must continue on with their classes and students must stay away from any illegal activities.

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