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SINU Management Charges 5 Staff Members for Gross Misconduct

Prof. Aqorau announced the charges tonight against the 5 staff members
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SINU Management has taken decisive action against five staff members who were suspended 14 days ago following an investigation into suspected activities aimed at defrauding the University.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Transform Aqorau said “the charges of gross misconduct have been brought against the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Senior Marketing and Promotions Officer, Finance Logistics/Revenue Enforcement Officer, and Acting Director of Properties and Facilities as part of the University’s unwavering commitment to promoting good governance, ensuring financial prudence, and upholding the highest standards of integrity.

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Professor Aqorau said “the investigation, which was initiated by SINU management, unearthed evidence pointing towards the involvement of the suspended staff members in fraudulent activities targeting the University’s resources. The alleged misconduct not only violated the trust bestowed upon them but also undermined the University’s mission to provide quality education and research opportunities to its students, and the trust that the Government and parents placed on the funds they contributed to the University.”

Professor Aqorau underlined that “the University, guided by its strong ethical framework, has taken swift and firm action to address this breach of trust. In line with due process and the principles of natural justice, the suspended staff members have been formally charged with gross misconduct. Their alleged actions have serious implications, not only for the University but also for the wider academic community and the stakeholders it serves”.

Professor Aqorau said that the “University recognises the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in all its operations. By bringing these charges, the University reiterates its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ensuring financial prudence. Such actions reinforce the trust placed in the institution by its students, faculty, staff, and the wider community”.

Professor Aqorau said, “the University’s management has cooperated fully with relevant authorities and will continue to do so throughout the legal process. The University remains determined to uncover the full extent of any misconduct and restore trust and reinforce its commitment to good governance. This investigation is not going to stop with the five Staff who have been charged”.

Professor Aqorau underscored that “SINU is firmly committed to supporting the success of its students and staff. In light of these developments, the University is implementing additional measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. These measures include enhanced internal controls, and increased oversight. The University would like to assure its stakeholders that this incident does not define its commitment to excellence in education, research, and community engagement. SINU remains focused on its core mission of providing a conducive learning environment, fostering innovation, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge”.

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