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The permanent Secretary, Mr. Nego Sisiolo with his deputy secretaries, couple with other senior official from the Ministry of Public Service were witnessing a signing ceremonial of 10 graduate trainees on Tuesday 26th October 2021 held at the IPAM conference room.

Despite a general freeze in recruitment for general administration cadres, the government, however, still sensitizes the need to provide workplace attachments for graduates who are with good academic records accompanied with good work attitude. Other Ministries such as Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Ministry of Housing Lands and Survey are also undertaking this same exercise and in so doing the government is relatively cushions our citizens concern on unemployment of university graduate.

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The signing ceremony was organised by the ministry of Public service and this was purposely to facilitate the signing of two years’ contracts between the 10 graduate trainees and the Permanent Secretary and his Deputy Secretary-workforce of the Ministry of Public Service on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government as an employing body.

The 10 graduate trainees had successfully signed their contracts yesterday after agreeing with the terms and conditions stipulated under the said contract and had pledge their support and interest in serving the Solomon Islands Government.

Permanent Secretary, Mr. Sisiolo in his remarks during this signing ceremony had congratulated the new graduate trainees and welcoming them to the ministry. He highlighted some very important points relating to the purpose of graduate trainees and some of which are pointed out below.


  • MPS is providing opportunity to very outstanding university graduates who have a strong desire to learn about the public service governance and with a spirit of service, aspire to directly serve the government and its people.
  • Graduate Trainee undergo training to build, reshape, and prepare the outstanding graduates who have the potential to take up responsible positions across the service in the immediate future.
  • Aspire to build job experience and share new knowledge within all divisions in the Ministry of Public Service and across Government Ministries.

He (PS) also pointed out the needs of them to strictly observe and uphold the culture and values of the Public Service, and that is adhering to the rules and regulations governing the conduct of public officers especially, following the code of conduct.  He as well strongly encourages them to shine out and be the best in serving the people of this country.


  • The program will be for 2 years

First year: The graduate trainees will be working with the ministry of Public Service

Second Year: The graduate trainees will be sent out to line ministries

  • Graduate trainees will be on 3 months’ job rotation with respective divisions within the Ministry of Public Service. There will be two graduate trainees allocated for each divisions and subject to move to another division after completion of three months.
  • Head of divisions from each division are tasked with supervision role to- assist the graduate trainees with couching and mentoring and ensuring the newly graduate trainees are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills needed to effectively and efficiently execute their assigned tasks

Induction Training program.

Induction program is organised by IPAM and will commence on Monday the 3rd of November 2021. The courses that the graduate trainees will first be undertaking are as follows;

  • Knowing your public Service training
  • Code of conduct

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