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SIG and UN Formalise Transformative Country Implementation Plan for Sustainable Development

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Friday 1st December, 2023 marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the United Nations, as the Country Implementation Plan (CIP) for 2023-2024 is officially signed.

The comprehensive plan is a strategic framework that builds upon the Pacific United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023-2027 (UNSDCF), a joint initiative developed by the United Nations and 14 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs).

The signing ceremony took place in Honiara, where Ms. Susan Sulu, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) for the SIG, and Dirk Wagener, UN Resident Coordinator to Fiji, Solomon Island, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, formalized their commitment to the shared vision outlined in the CIP.

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This plan has been carefully crafted through extensive and inclusive consultations with the Government of the Solomon Islands and the UN development system in the country, including non-resident entities.

“The signing of the CIP signifies a crucial milestone in our collective journey towards sustainable development. This plan reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive growth and realizing the shared vision outlined in collaboration with the UN. Through extensive consultations and cooperative efforts, we aim to steer our nation towards a future where every individual thrives, where our priorities resonate the National Development Strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals, and where resilience, equality, and harmony prevail in our society.”

PS Sulu highlighted that strengthening mechanisms and donor coordination is important especially when Solomon Islands is at the pivotal moment of graduating from Least Developed Country status.

Echoing PS Sulu’s remarks, Mr Wagener added that the CIP is built on the National Development Strategy of Solomon Islands, which aligns the aspirations of the SDGs with national priorities.

“With its focus on the four pillars of Planet, People, Prosperity, and Peace, the CIP outlines initiatives, expected results, partner agencies, and financing strategies. These encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from climate change adaptation and disaster risk management to ensuring quality health and education systems, addressing food security and nutrition, bridging the digital divide, and facilitating trade.”

Both the UN and the Government of Solomon Islands expressed an unwavering commitment to achieve the nation’s developmental aspirations. The CIP will serve as a guiding document for joint efforts, outlining collective actions and expected results that will contribute significantly to realizing the Solomon Islands’ vision for an inclusive society.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all people have equal opportunities, can exercise their fundamental rights, enjoy gender equality and peace, remain resilient to existential threats, and live in harmony with the Blue Pacific Continent.

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to sustainable development, social inclusion, and environmental resilience. By working together, the Solomon Islands and the United Nations aim to build a future where every citizen can thrive.

  • MNPDC & UN Joint Statement



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