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SI & regional students complete successful educational trip to Japan

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A group of Solomon Islands university students have successfully completed a one week visit to Japan recently under the JENESYS programme.

The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) was a study tour aimed at fostering mutual friendship between the people of Japan and Pacific Islands countries. The programme is organised under Japan-Overseas Cooperation Association.

The Solomon Islands’ university students participated in the programme amongst 18 others: They are: Adrian Obadiah,Bareth Anisi, Mercy Brown, Curtney Kere and Flory Pue.

JENESYS students were divided into two parallel project groupings. Group 1A cantered its efforts on regional development, while Group 1B, delved into the theme of peace-building.

The overarching objective of the program was to cultivate mutual trust and friendship between Japan and the countries of the Pacific Islands.

“Personally, this experience has already ignited a commitment within me to sustain active communication and engage in future collaborative projects with the network I’ve established,” said one of the five the Solomon Islands students’ Obadiah.

“The JENESYS program provided me with an invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in the rich facets of Japan’s culture, economy, infrastructure, and technological advancements. Within the wellorganized span of 8 days, our itinerary allowed us to explore significant sites, including the historic Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum, the renowned Shrine of Itsukushima, and the cutting-edge Miraikan Technology Museum. The experience was both enriching and efficient, making every day of the journey count,” he stated in his report.

On the other hand, Kere said the JENESYS Phase tour was an eye-opening experience, offering valuable insights into Japan’s cultural richness and regional development strategies.

She said the knowledge gained serves as a catalyst for promoting developmental approaches within her university and local community.

“Leveraging this experience, I aim to implement sustainable practices and foster cultural exchange to contribute positively to regional development efforts,” she said.

Meanwhile Pue said the JENESYS program has been a fruitful endeavor in cultivating mutual understanding and cultural interchange between Japan and the other partners.

“I will never forget my amazing trip to Japan, which was full of delicious food, fascinating cultural discoveries, and stunning scenery,” she wrote.

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