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Shortland Islanders soon to benefit from SafeNet

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People of the Shortland Islands will soon benefit from service providers under SafeNet, a network of organisations which assist victims of domestic violence in the communities.

This is possible after a Community Policing Team of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Western Province teamed up with the Shortland Islands Council of Women to set up ward committees in the Shortlands.  

Police Forward Command Post (PFCP) Commander, Kulitanai, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu says, “There are two committees set up with one comprising of community members at Maleai, Nuhu, Pirumeri, Poha, Aleang and Koliai villages, and another committee comprising of community members from Harapa Gaomai, Laumani and Komaliai villages.”

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 “Currently my team will be working together with the President of the Shortland Islands Council of Women in the coming weeks to set up a similar committee on Mono and the communities there.”

Chief Superintendent Lenialu says, “Community leaders have welcomed the setup of the committees as it is one way to manage cases relating to domestic violence happening in our communities. RSIPF is one of the service providers under SafeNet.”

 “RSIPF fully supports this type of initiative in our communities to safe guide the victims of domestic violence and look forward to working close with Shortland Islands Council of Women on this very important issue.”

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