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Schoolzine offers to support schools

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Australia’s largest provider of school websites, enewsletters and mobile apps is reaching out to to the country including Malaita selected schools.

A statement from Malaita Provincial Government says through connections with the Premier of Daniel Suidani and his advisor Celsus Irokwato Talifilu, Schoolzine Australia is is to expand its services to willing participating schools in Malaita province and Solomon Islands.

Schoolzine is Australia’s largest provider of school websites, eNewsletters, and Mobile Apps. According to Schoolzine’s CEO Dion Guthrie said they are pleased to expand to the Solomon Islands through Malaita province-selected schools, and to celebrate this, they’re offering a free website with no ongoing costs for the selected schools.

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He said they believe every school, big or small, in every location deserves to have a website they are proud of. They also want schools to be able to showcase all the great things they do for their students and their community.

A school website is also an excellent communication tool for broadcasting important information to parents, e.g. COVID-19 updates and others. Schoolzine has seen firsthand how School Websites improve community engagement, school attendance, and digital literacy.

Schoolzine launched its Website For Schools Project last month, and they have already started to build websites for 125 schools across the Pacific Islands.

For Solomon Islands, ARNON ATOMEA PROVINCIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL in North Malaita, Malaita Province is the first school to have completed filling out the required form for the school website project.

An email from the school principal Henry Bare confirmed that the school has filled out the required form and is waiting for a response from Schoolzine.

There is no doubt other schools will follow suit, the statement, said.

If your school would like to join the project and receive a free School Website, please fill out the form via this link – https://www.schoolzineplus.com/form/235. Once completed you will receive a welcome email from the Schoolzine Website team that outlines what we need to get started!

The premier and his adviser said they are pleased to make the connection with Schoolzine and would like to encourage schools in the Solomon Islands to reach out to Schoolzine if they would like to develop a school website for their schools.

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