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Same political will to drive PG should be given to other major infrastructures: Tausinga

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MEMBER of Parliament for West New Georgia Vonavona Hon Silas Tausinga says the same political push in driving infrastructure towards the Pacific Games should also be given to major infrastructures around the country.

Speaking in Parliament recently, Hon Tausinga spoke highly of the national government for committing huge financial expenditures towards the Games ahead of the regional event in November this year.

However, Hon Tausinga said it is unfortunate that the same political will and energy could not be given to drive major infrastructure projects to boost economic importance.

“This country would have a better chance in supporting the economic and commercial activities of the country if the same level of political will is given to infrastructure projects to boost economic activity to provide jobs for our people and the political will towards major health infrastructures in this country,” he said.

The Opposition MP has cited Noro Town Road Upgrade and the Noro International & Domestic Seaport Upgrade Initiatives as examples.

Whilst acknowledging donor partners and the national government for these projects, he said the project would only look good on paper unless these projects come to fruition and that we recognise the importance and impacts it will have on the economy.

“With the millions of dollars spent on infrastructure towards the Pacific Games; I hope these projects will also have economic benefits after the PG 2023 and help boost economic, trade and tourism growth in this country,” he said.

Hon Tausinga said the last thing this country needs is leaving behind a legacy with white elephants that cannot be maintained in the future.

“I hope this same political will and push can be given to drive such infrastructure projects to boost economic importance,” he said.


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