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RSIPF and NZ Police deliver 5 Step Mindset training programme in Makira

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Officers of the National Crime Prevention Department (NCPD), Learning and Development (L & D) of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) with the assistance of New Zealand Police officers of the Solomon Island Policing Support Programme (SIPSP) delivered the 5 Step Mind Set Training to RSIPF stationed in Makira-Ulawa Province.

New Zealand Police working alongside NCPD and L & D have developed the training to assist the RSIPF to deliver on the National Crime Prevention Strategy, to be the best that they can be – every day and provide a Safe, Secure and Peaceful Solomon Islands.

16 RSIPF staff attended the training over three days which also included a package on Family Violence.

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Acting New Zealand (NZ) Police Team Leader James Calvert says “We are always so impressed with the commitment the RSIPF make to this training, from both the RSIPF instructors and trainees. Our NZ Police team is committed to mentoring and assisting the RSIPF to develop their people so they are in the best position they can be to deliver on the Solomon Islands Crime Prevention Strategy.”

Delivering the 5 Step Mindset Training across all the Provinces in the Solomon Islands will benefit the RSIPF and in turn, the communities and people they serve. The RSIPF are passionate and eager to learn. At this time the Mindset training has been delivered to over 400 RSIPF staff across the Solomon Islands. Our goal is to ensure all of the RSIPF, including all ranks, receive this valuable training.

Police Provincial Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai spoke passionately during the opening and closing of the training programme.

PPC Sitai said, “Mindset change training is important which really helps to adjust the mind of the officer towards perfecting his or her work performance as police officer after being suppressed with situations of culture and environment.”

Superintendent Sitai said, “I am so happy to see our colleagues from NCPD, L & D and of course, SIPDP come to visit our province to deliver this important training. My staff were appreciative to receive this training and to receive their certificates of attendance.”

The training is continuing to be delivered through 2023 to RSIPF staff across the Solomon Islands.



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