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Policy reprioritization exercise conducted

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All Government Ministries under the Resources and Productive Sectors have recently went under a reprioritization exercise.

This is in response to the different measures taken by the Government in light of the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the world.

A statement from the Government said under the reprioritization exercise, Ministries are reallocating funds to selected priority areas and related projects.

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These priority projects are those that will result in quick economic returns, have significant impact to the economy and create national employment.

These projects will also contribute significantly to rural employment.

Each line ministries have made focused submissions toward the content of the economic stimulus package on areas relevant to their subsectors.

Hence, the stimulus package will focus on boosting the productive and resource sectors in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, tourism, strengthening monitoring efforts on environmental, forestry and mining regulations as well as assistance packages to Small- Medium Enterprises.

The statement further revealed that efforts to export the multi-million dollars kava stock from the provinces to the USA and other markets overseas is being considered.

Other efforts include fast tracking the development of the Noni industry, increase kava production and export, subsidize copra and cocoa, engage public and private institutes to mass produce root crops both for domestic consumption and export, involve private sector to develop and increase livestock production in-country, develop much needed infrastructure such as abattoirs and slaughter houses.  

The Government is expected to announce its stimulus package soon. The Solomon Islands Government is committed to the delivery of its policy priorities in the best interest of national security, economic stability, national peace and progress.

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