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PM praises Ports for enforcement of rules & wants it emulate in the country

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Solomon Ports enforcement of its rules in public spaces has won praise from the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare adding “we can enforce rules” as proofed by SIPA.
Sogavare speaking during SIPA’s opening and unveiling of its million dollar projects on Friday said SIPA is a fine example of how “we can enforce rules if we put our mind into it, and people are following these rules when enforced.”
In a statement issued by his office, Sogavare said he is fascinated by SIPA’s ability to enforce rules within the domestic ports area, banning selling of bettle nut and smoking.
“Our country has rules but we are very slack in enforcing them,” Sogavare stressed.
The Prime Minister strongly added that SIPA has demonstrated that it is possible if everyone works together.
“I have heard many times that it is difficult to enforce our rules and laws because our people do not listen. However, SIPA has shown that this can be done”, Sogavare pointed out.
Sogavare added that it takes will to enforce our rules and laws and SIPA has demonstrated it.
The Prime Minister congratulated SIPA’s enforcement and security team for enforcing these rules so that the ports area is secure and safe for our people.
He also commended the SIPA board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his management and all the workers “…for your efforts, sacrifice and commitment in bringing SIPA to where it is today”.
The Prime Minister highlighted that SIPA has demonstrated that working together is the key to move forward.
Sogavare challenged other government institutions and Solomon Islanders in general to emulate SIPA because only by working together we can move mountains.

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