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PM outlines OUR Party led govt’s key achievements

Female OUR Party MPs- MP for North East Guadalcanal Hon Ethel Vokia, Education Minister Hon Lanelle Tanangada and MP for East Makira Hon Lily Maefai
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PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has outlined key achievements of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) since taking office in 2019.

Speaking during the OUR Party Convention on Tuesday this week, the Party Wing Leader said OUR Party has achieved a lot for the country in its current term in office under the DCGA.

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“We have delivered a lot in redirecting our resources to support our people in the rural areas, in line with our Party manifesto and objectives,” he said.

The Prime Minister said Our Party as the largest single political party in the history of Solomon Islands has 36 members of parliament.

The party wing leader said OUR Party continue to remain focus to its mandate in delivering to the people and improving their livelihood with the support of donor partners, according to the ideals and principles of the Party.

“One notable policy achievement we have made since taking office in 2019 under the DCGA was the normalization of Diplomatic Relations with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in line with UN Resolution 2578 of 1971,” he said.

Mr Sogavare said since the establishment of Diplomatic Relations, Solomon Islands and PRC have achieved a lot in a short span of time, most notably, the construction of the stadiums for the Pacific Games 2023.

Prime Minister Sogavare said other notable achievements by the Party and DCGA are in the areas of Education, Aviation and Communication, Tourism, Fisheries Rural Development, and Infrastructure, to name a few.

In the area of Health and Security, the Prime Minister said OUR Party and the Coalition Government continue to work hard in keeping COVID-19 from any community transmission.

“COVID 19 tested our unity and solidarity in early 2020, but we came out stronger and more united. We remained COVID free for six months now and I wish to thank all our leaders and our front liners for all your efforts, work and professionalism in keeping our country free and safe,” he said.

The Prime Minister adds two outstanding policy issues which OUR Party are seriously considering taking up are the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report (TRC) and the Federal system of Government.

He said these have been on the table for many years, and have challenged past governments and OUR Party is taking it into consideration seriously.

The Party wing leader said the Party is people focused, people mandated and people oriented.

“We are committed to ensuring OUR Party is in the leadership helm till the end of its term and continue beyond,” Sogavare said.


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