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PM accuses lunatics and agents of foreign regimes after security treaty leaked

PM in Parliament today
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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has expressed his anger in Parliament today against those who leaked the draft Solomon Islands and China Security Treaty which has attracted regional outburst especially on the claims that it allows for China to build its Military Base here.

Speaking in Parliament today, Sogavare said: “We are now having this discussion because some lunatics and agents of foreign regimes in the government system have no regard for secrecy. There are people who exist only to undermine the work of legitimate authorities.”

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He said: “Our security interest is moulded by our national interest to provide “a safe, secure nation where all citizens are able to coexist peacefully.” AND “in this context Solomon Islands will seek partnership with friendly Foreign Governments”. (This is part of the vision of the National Security Strategy) especially, in maintaining our security needs.”

Sogavare stated that the strategy underwent deep nationwide consultation with all the provinces and national stakeholders.

He said it is also available on line as well and there is no secret about the visions, purpose, and goals of the National Security Strategy.

“It seeks nothing but peace, secure and prosperous Solomon Islands. The Strategy is the blueprint for Solomon Islands to protect the country’s sovereignty, our people, and combating and addressing soft and hard threats including climate change,” Sogavare told Parliament.

He said as a sovereign country they will continue to collaborate to ensure that what Solomon Islands needs in its security space are addressed collectively with its development partners.

Sogavare added this means working with all partners who are willing to support “us in the spirit of diplomacy and being friends to all.”

The PM said as a responsible government, and as a sovereign state, “we must never leave any soft or hard threats impacting on the country to chance. The security challenges facing the country is so great that there is sufficient space for everyone.”

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