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Panatina borehole project completed

Photo caption: Cutting the ribbon to mark the completion of the Panatina Borehole Project on Thursday 15 June, from left to right, Managing Director of Pacific Strata Drilling and Water Engineering Services Michael Rahe, SW CEO Ian Gooden, DFAT First Secretary for Infrastructure Rebecca Lane, and SW Board Chairman Donald Marahare.
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Solomon Water is proud to announce the successful completion of the Panatina borehole drilling and construction project. The SBD 5.1 million project was jointly funded by Solomon Water and the Australian Government.

Representatives from Solomon Water, the Australian High Commission, local contractors, and key stakeholders celebrated the milestone at a completion and handover ceremony on 15 June 2023.

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The overall development scope for the project covers the land acquisition, design, procurement, borehole construction, pump and piping installation, new control and switchboard installation, relevant testings and commissioning of two boreholes at Solomon Water’s water catchment area in Panatina.

The project was initiated in early 2022 with works commenced on site in November 2022. Over 15 local and overseas contractors, and Solomon Water Operations and Project Management staff, were engaged on various supply, construction and testing contracts to ensure the project was successfully delivered.

The successful completion of this project marks another significant milestone in Solomon Water’s journey towards providing enhanced water services to the people of Honiara.

“The newly constructed bores are strategically designed to improve water production and services in East Honiara, addressing the increasing demand for water from customers. These bores also contribute to enhancing the capacity and reliability of Honiara’s utilities network, aligning with the World Health Organization’s water quality and service standards”, says Solomon Water Board Chairman, Donald Marahare.

The Chairman expressed his gratitude for the ongoing support from Australia for water supply improvements in Honiara and the provincial centres.

He added, “One of the significant benefits of this project is its timely completion ahead of the upcoming Pacific Games in November. As Honiara prepares to host this major sporting event, the improved water production and services in East Honiara will play a vital role in meeting the water requirements for the games. This accomplishment underscores Solomon Water’s commitment to providing safe and reliable water to support the city’s development and progress”.

The Chairman also appealed to Honiara communities to respect the newly completed project. “Moving forward, Solomon Water emphasises the importance of respecting and preserving the newly constructed boreholes. These boreholes represent a significant investment in ensuring clean and reliable water for the community. We appeal to everyone to treat these vital resources with care and refrain from activities that may compromise their integrity or jeopardise water quality”.

Although unable to attend the ceremony, the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Rod Hilton said, “Solomon Water has been a trusted partner for Australia for thirty years. We are proud to see this institution delivering clean, reliable water for Solomon Islanders. Essential services like those provided by Solomon Water ensure that people are healthy and able to fully participate in work and community life”.


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