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Only 792 of 4,495 made it to form 7 as more students unplaced

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Of the 4,495 students who sat for the form 6 or Year 12 exams last year only 792 made it to form seven or just 17.6 percent whilst 82.4% were unplaced.

The data showed whilst 57% or 5,326 of those sat for the form three exams passed onto form 4, a further 4,126 were unsuccessful and could not continue. For those who sat the Solomon Islands School Certificate only 47.7% progressed to form 6 this year or 3,183 students but 3,486 were pushed out of the system.

Overall, a total of 20,616 plus sat the 2023 national examinations in forms 3, 5, and 6. Of that, only 9,301 have been placed to continue their studies this year whilst 11, 315 were unsuccessful.

Supervising Permanent Secretary of Education and Human Resources Linda Wate admits that access to secondary education is still a challenge and would need the collective efforts of all stakeholders to ensure increased access “by our children to complete secondary education.”

Mrs Wate said transition rate to Year 13 (form 7) continues to remain at 17-18% for the third consecutive year.

“This attributes to the availability of space in our senior secondary schools. It certainly does not reflect the outstanding capabilities of our senior secondary students across our schools,” she said.




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