Home News #OMS delivers $26k support for #OMS4LEAH Campaign

#OMS delivers $26k support for #OMS4LEAH Campaign

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One More Shot (#OMS) officially handed over $26,091.50 to the parents of Rosemary Leah Kelesi at their Kaibia home on Saturday 18.02.23 following a week-long public photography campaign. This was the total sum of proceeds over the campaign period.

Rosemary Leah Kelesi is a 13-year-old girl with a brain tumor. This condition has given her persistent headaches, affected her mobility and confined her to a chair where she needs to be moved to and from with the help of family.

This tumor needs to be removed and unfortunately, the surgical procedure that needs to be done is impossible in our country. Her parents made a public plea for help to get Leah the medical attention she needs overseas.

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#OMS responded by employing the traditional twin-approach of group bookings around town and public photos at the central station, Honiara City Town Council. Patriotic Solomon Islanders passionate about photography voluntarily took to the street of central Honiara to advocate for Leah.

Under a small tent, a functional workstation was formed. #OMS photographer and supporters invested in the campaign differently.

Some advocated to the passing public over a hailer, others conversed about the cause to people who had stopped to ask about what was happening. Photographers were delegated to office and group bookings across town. People who wanted to support with photos were attended to by photographers, while editors worked on editing photos, then sent them to the page admin to upload to the official #OMS face book page. Other members of the public simply walked to the donation box to give whatever they could.

Leah and her family will be travelling overseas for the surgical procedure she needs once certain referral processes are settled. We wish Leah and her family the best and thank them for allowing us to help. May good health and strength be with you.

#OMS would like to thank Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood (SIPPA), Honiara City Council (HCC), and Dreamcast Theatre Solomon Islands for helping us set up our central campaign station.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the #OMS4LEAH campaign, your generosity has moved us as it has with every campaign. Tagio for helping us give Leah one more shot at a fulfilling life.

Big toktok tagio tumas especially to the public in the country and overseas, as well as business houses, offices and other groups that contributed to the campaign. Also, tagio to our doctors and nurses who do their best with what they must work with in our hospital.

For those who would still like to support Leah, here are the direct contacts for her parents 7821994/7274346.

We would like to remind everyone that despite the diversity of our cultures, islands, and kinship, Solomon Islanders have a duty to help each other on the simple basis that we are Solomon Islanders.

Patriotism is sometimes as loud as waving the country flag in a foreign land, and sometimes it is as quiet as giving a hand to another Solomon Islander you have no ties to.

Tagio tumas for your helping hands.


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