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The National Hosting Authority (NHA) and Honiara City Council (HCC) Executive have met to discuss the Safe and Green Games Campaign and way forward to ensure lasting legacy for a cleaner and greener Honiara City.

The Chairman of the NHA and Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Jimmie Rodgers together with the Chairman of the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) Bernard Bataanisia and NHA Executive Director Mr. Christian Nieng, held a constructive dialogue with the HCC executive on 8 February 2023 and have set in motion key deliverables for the safe and green games campaign.

The Safe and Green Games campaign is an initiative forged from the vision to transform Honiara City into a green and safe space for residents and visitors during and after the Pacific Games in November.

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NHA Chair Dr. Jimmie Rodgers emphasized that the safe and green games campaign has the backing of the National Government and the onus is on the HCC to take ownership of this campaign and reach out to Honiara residents to support.

Dr. Rodgers also recognized the support of HCC towards the games and its commitment to ensure all its sporting facilities within Honiara city are available.  NHA as part of maximizing the games legacy, have been in the process of upgrading these facilities especially community fields at Kukum, White River and Naha. NHA through its Project management Unit (PMU) is also in the process of facilitating the upgrade of Lawson Tama football stadium.

The HCC executive presented the NHA team with a set of proposed activities and plans of which they wish to implement during the 8 months cleanup campaign within Honiara City.

The NHA Chairman assured HCC of government’s support to enable them to lead the campaign and maintain a clean city.

“The National Hosting Authority will work with HCC to enhance its effort to transform Honiara City into green and safe City. We understand the need for additional equipment, machinery and public amenities as part of the campaign, and will seek the support of our stakeholder and Partners,” the NHA Chair said.

In response City Mayor Eddie Siapu acknowledged the presence the high-level team from NHA and GSIC for accepting the invitation to meet his executive. Mayor Siapu said this shows commitment and therefore called on his executive to reciprocate this by taking the green campaign down to their respective communities.

As part of the campaign, the HCC Mayor also informed the NHA team that the Fishing village food market had finally been moved to the newly built Kukum market and slowly this should reduce traffic congestion.

Meanwhile, the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) Chairman Mr. Bernard Bataanisia informed the HCC that the Inter-Government Ministry and HCC Planning Task Force is working on the programme for the launch and will be released once finalized.


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