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New generator transforms Onelafa school in Fataleka

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Onelafa Primary School in East Fataleka experienced a significant transformation as it was bestowed with a 3.5 KV generator yesterday (Friday 14th July).

The generous donation from Fataleka MP Rex Ramofafia was made by Mr. Jared Fakaia and Mr. Jayvin Satini, the esteemed Chairman of Zone 4 and Zone 5, respectively. The occasion marked a turning point for the school, as Mr. David Allan Meke, representing the institution, eloquently expressed that it was a new dawn of possibilities at Onelafa CHS.

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For the past five decades, the absence of electricity had been an enduring challenge for the school administration. However, this long-standing obstacle has now been triumphantly overcome. The provision of the generator was made possible just a week after Hon. Ramofafia’s visit to the constituency, demonstrating the government’s swift response to urgent community needs.

The impact of this generator extends beyond the walls of Onelafa Primary School, reaching other educational stakeholders within the school’s catchment area. Mr. Meke emphasized that the arrival of the 3.5 KV generator would not only alleviate the school’s challenges but also relieve the sector’s budgetary constraints and address administrative difficulties encountered during the implementation of school grants over the past two decades.

Speaking on behalf of all school stakeholders, especially the primary sector, Mr. Meke conveyed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to Hon. Rex Ramofafia for recognizing and valuing the importance of education in his constituency. The donation of this essential 3.5 KV generator symbolizes the commitment to supporting education in the area.

Furthermore, Mr. Meke boldly affirmed that the teachers and students of Onelafa Primary School are wholeheartedly dedicated to realizing the national education vision and goals. Their resolute support in the field of education echoes the collective determination to shape a brighter future.

With the installation of the 3.5 KV generator, Onelafa Primary School is poised to thrive in an era of enhanced educational opportunities. The generous contribution serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring other communities and stakeholders to prioritize the empowerment of education. As the proverbial light switch is flipped on, Onelafa CHS illuminates the path towards a prosperous tomorrow.

-Issued by Onelafa community

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