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NDMO to Mark International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

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The National Disaster Management Office is organizing a media awareness to mark the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2022. This event is marked on the 13th day of October every year with a special theme.

This awareness aims to promote the importance of Disaster Risk reduction and to recognize the national efforts in Reducing Disaster Impacts over the years.

The Theme for this year is Early Warning Early action for all. This means that all people must recognize the value of early warning and take early action to reduce the negative impacts of Disaster that happening within our country.

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As part of the Media campaign, the NDMO is planning to conduct a Radio Talk back show on Friday the 14th October, with its stakeholders, the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services, Seismology Section within the Ministry of Mines and Rural Electrification and Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA).

With the significant importance of early warning and safety messages of Disasters to our fellow citizens, the National Disaster Management Office would like to encourage all people to listen to the radio at 9am-11am on Friday for the talkback show.

The NDMO Team will also set up an awareness booth at the car park area at the front of the NDMO Office at Ranadi. So don’t miss this chance to get information for your safety.

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