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Murder suspect escaped but recaptured hours later in Lata

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The man who allegedly cut off legs and hands of a man on Tikpoia recently escaped custody in Lata early yesterday morning only to be recaptured few hours later.

The 30 year old was arrested by police from Tikopia in the past few days and detained in Lata custody awaiting his trial.

Information reaching SBMONLINE says the suspect was placed in Lata custody and in the early morning he escaped after he asked the duty officer that he wanted to use the external toilet because the one in the cell didn’t have water.

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Our source said it was during that time that he escaped from the cell.

When contacted, the RSIPF Media Unit confirmed that the suspect did escape but he was recaptured early morning yesterday .

SBMONLINE understands that the escapee was caught at the end of Lata airport runway at around 6am after he escaped about 3am yesterday.

The suspect was charged with the alleged murder of a 50 year old man on Tikpoia.

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