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MUP submits for ESP

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The Makira Ulawa Provincial government has submitted a Provincial Economic Stimulus Package, ESP, to the COVID-19 Oversight and Implementation Committee at the Prime Minister’s Office, last week.

Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier Julian Makaa said the Provincial Economic Stimulus Package is designed to ensure that the Economic Stimulus Package is practicable and sustainable to the local economy of Makira Ulawa Province.

It is also anticipated that the package is applicable and maximized for the purpose of immediate recovery and longer term economic growth of Solomon Islands and especially for the people of Makira Ulawa Province.

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Mr Makaa said his Provincial Government has considered a lot of thoughts and finally resolved to submit this proposal for the people and their Provincial Government.

“As our   mandate under these circumstances, we submit believing this submission affirmed the probable strategy that addresses both the participation of the people and their governance for national cause to achieve the intentions of economic stimulus package addressing the impacts of COCID-19 Pandemic,” he said.

Premier Makaa said his provincial Government considered the ESP as an opportunity and chance to recheck their approach to rural economic growth under economized utilization of National funding Programs.

“Learning from the short falls for RCDF, National funded Projects, small micro projects under non-government and government offices, and other micro funding schemes; Makira Ulawa province has designed the Provincial Economic Stimulus Package as  a strategy address the intentions of the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package by the National Government and ensure that is successfully done,” said Mr Makaa.

Premier Makaa also thanked the national government for the introduction of the ESP.

“My provincial government has seen this program as a way forward in assuring the Solomon Islands of the mitigating the negative impacts of COVID 19 pandemic on the national economy,” he said.

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