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Multi closed to become quarantine centre for mild cases of COVID-19

Multipurpose hall.
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The Multipurpose Hall at Lawson Tama has been shutdown and is undergoing urgent repairs— to be used as a quarantine centre for those with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

The sudden closure has irked some sporting federations who use the facilities for training and meeting and are demanding answers.

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Speaking to SBMOnline this afternoon, City Clerk Rence Sore said: “COVID-19 is our common enemy. HCC will always support the Government in fighting the common disease. We have been approached to avail the Multipurpose Hall as a quarantine center. We have accepted the request of the Government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.”

Honiara City Council’s Director of Youth and Sports, Fox Qwaina confirms the Multipurpose Hall is now closed for all sporting activities until further notice.

SBMOnline understands that the Multipurpose Hall will be used only for any arrival passengers that may have mild symptoms of the coronavirus.

In her response to the question of using the Multipurpose as quarantine centre, PS Mrs McNeil had earlier explained that MHMS was aware of this and discussions with the Honiara City Council (HCC) were already underway to use the Multi-Purpose Hall in the event of a surge of COVID-19 patients especially for mild cases.

“We have only nine rooms, self-contained at the NRH’s isolation ward 1 and 2. As such we are currently in discussions with HCC to secure multi -purpose hall and in principal they have agreed so we will make an assessment on preparing the hall into an isolation ward especially for COVID-19 mild cases,” Mr McNeil had said.

The HCC this afternoon confirmed the Multipurpose Hall will be a quarantine centre that repair work is currently underway at the Multipurpose hall and it should be completed at the end of this week.

The government is now scaling up its activities as the first load of the three flights carrying our students from the Philippines arriving tonight.

So far 18 students are currently tested positive for COVID-19 and are still quarantined in the Philippines. Solomon Islands is only one of the 12 countries in the world that still COVID-19 free.

However many other sporting federations who use the Multi to train and meet have expressed their disappointment and called on HCC and the government to reconsider their decision.


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