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Mola feels sad for 6 students, appeals for prayer and support

A. Mola
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The president of Solomon Islands Philippines Students Association (SIPSA) Aurthur Mola expresses his sadness for the six who were tested positive for COVID-19 – recalling that he has tried his best to repatriate the students but his attempts were in vein.

At the same time Mola appeals for the nation to be united behind them in their prayers as they face this very difficult time in the Philippines.

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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare announced that six Solomon Islands’ students studying in the Philippines have been tested positive for COVID-19. There is now growing anger against the government especially on social media for delaying the repatriation of the students who wanted to come home since the beginning of the year.

Speaking exclusively to SBMOnline tonight, Mola said from the Philippines: “Now that we are in this situation where six of us already got positive I feel sad for my fellow students. I as their leader did all I could to protect them at the first place but its seemed all my efforts just went in vain.

“I am not blaming anyone but I want to remind our decision makers to learn from this and not to repeat such in the future as we are dealing with the lives of people.”

Speaking about the situation of the six students, he said: “I just follow the advices that the Philippines Red Cross had given to me as they are the ones responsible for all our Covid-19 testing.”

He states that the six students who were tested positive on Friday (11 Sept), Philippines Red Cross had been advised to do home quarantine/self isolation for 14 days before they would be tested again.

According to Mola, the six students are currently residing in their rented apartments.

He adds the six students’ results have already been forwarded to the Philippines Red Cross and then to the Philippines Department of Health (DOH).

“From there I am unsure what is next and if our students will be transferred to any quarantine site or not.  In the meantime, we are still waiting for further advices/instructions regarding our 6 affected students from relevant government authorities,” said president Mola.

He further states that so far around 290 students have already been tested and out of that about 150 plus students have yet to receive their test results and round 150 students are yet to be tested. They could be tested sometimes this new week.

Mola adds: “Each student should undergo three tests before any certification to travel or not is issued. For now we are still doing our first tests and second and the third should be after one week intervals.”

Meanwhile Mola on behalf of the students, conveys their appreciation to the government, church leaders, community leaders and all people back at home who always support them financially, spiritually, physically and socially.

“I on behalf of Solomon Islands Philippines Students Association (SIPSA) do appreciate all that you have done for us especially at this very difficult time. I appeal to all people at home to continue to support us with prayers,” said Mola.


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