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Minister Hon. Leokana highlights key workforce the country needs

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Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Hon. Tozen Leokana has stated that the country needs critical thinkers, scholars, educators, policy makers and stakeholders who can get the best ideas and translate them into practical actions.

He highlighted this during the opening of the two-day International Education Conference on Wednesday 19th, June 2024 at the School of Education and Humanity, Panatina Campus.

He said that he “hopes that the conference of the drivers of our education initiatives would play a pivotal role in shaping the future of teaching and learning to ensure our education is accessible and relevant to our entire population.”

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He also said that “education should not only be about attaining a qualification but most importantly to ensure our citizens learn the required skills and knowledge for every walk of life.

Additionally, the Minister stated that with the participation of educators, researchers, practitioners, education administrators and policy decision makers and experts from different fields in the conference can share insights to meet the development goals of our country.

Minister Leokana viewed the conference as significant and timely with the Government of National Unity and Transformation announcement of its 100 days policy statements.

“The timing of this conference is critical in the context of our country and the development challenges our country currently faces and the need to optimize opportunities that education can provide especially in the need for more skilled and forwarding thinking workforce required by the private, public sectors and industries,” Minister Leokana said.

He said among the program of action the Government of National Unity and Transformation have mandated the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to implement within the 100 days are;

  • Complete the new teachers’ salary structure for implementation in 2025

  • Review the School Education Grant Policy

  • Design a School Infrastructure Plan for the period 2025-2029

  • Develop a Tertiary Student Loan Schem (for implementation in 2025 or 2026)

  • Review the SITESA Act 2017 to amend provision for scholarships and;

  • Review existing legislative and policy frameworks with intent to design a new legislation for the TVET sector.

With these mandates the Government of National Unity and Transformation should provide the political leadership by innovatively rethinking the critical nature of education, and provide the much-needed budgetary and financial resources to support the needed reform of the education sector.

He believes that by doing this our country can transform and enhance the sustainability and resilience our country.

When reflecting on the conference theme; ‘To rethink our education system for a sustainable future’ Minister Leokana said such conference have the potential to contribute to our country’s education – that is, if we action practical solutions to improve the education system in our country, rather than to use the conference for academic purposes.

“Let’s embark on this informative journey together, believing in the power of collaboration and learning where we share and learn from research finding on classroom practices, policy and practices,” Ministry Leokana adds.

He said reform can only happen when we critically analyse the old ways of doing things and be open to doing new things.

Meanwhile Minister Hon. Leokana acknowledges the Australian and New Zealand governments through the Australia Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT), and Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) for providing the much-needed financial support to host the conference.

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