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Minister and officials visit Gizo Hospital and Titiana

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Group photo of visiting delegation and Western Province Health Executive

Health Minister Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana and health officials this week have visited the Gizo hospital and the Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH) project in Titiana.

The visits were part of the delegation’s overall program to attend the official hand over and opening of the COVID-19 isolation ward in Gizo.

During the visit to the hospital, Dr. Togamana who is only two weeks into his new role as the Minister of health had the opportunity to visit the COVID-19 testing and medical lab facilities at Gizo hospital including all other wards and the services in which the hospital is currently providing.

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The visit also coupled with meeting of Western Provincial Health Executive team in which they engaged in open discussions to inform each other of health progresses, challenges and upcoming activities from COVID-19 operations as well as available health resources, funding support, staff welfare etc.

Minister Togamana assured the meeting that though he is new to the Ministry he is committed to learn and ensure that where his support is needed, he will perform.

The team with the company of WHO Country Representative Dr. Sevil Huseynova later visited Titiana village, a 10 minutes’ drive from Gizo to see first-hand the status of water well hand pumps delivered to the community and the impacts of RWASH’s initiative to build capacity of WASH committees to sustain the project.

While there was good feedback, the visit was crucial in providing the opportunity for the top health officials to understand the existing challenges and other areas of concern pertaining to WASH in the community.

Dr. Togamana informed the community that it was an important opportunity having to listen to their stories, views and opinions as well as situation on ground concerning the support that the Ministry had provided.

He informed Titiana leaders, elders and WASH committee members that their stories are very important for him as a leader including his team to improve on how the health ministry can effectively deliver rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene to communities.

– MHMS Press Release

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