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Matanga visits Malu’u police

Matanga talking with Malu'u police officers.
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Deputy Commissioner (DC) Operations of the Royal Solomon Island Police Juanita Matanga visited Maluu Police Station as part of her provincial tour in Malaita Province to give moral support to frontline officers.

DC Matanga who was accompanied by the Malaita Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Leslie Kili had a muster with the police officers at Malu’u police station to discuss different policing issues. Some of the issues highlighted during the meeting include logical support in terms of sea and land mobility do effective policing in the Northern region of Malaita Province as the office vehicle and boat were down.

Other issues also discussed included manpower for Malu’u police station. Since the population in the northern region is growing very fast and the policing areas Malu’u officers look after is very big. There is a need for increase of manpower to do daily police business.

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In respond to the officers concerns, Mantanga says: “As support is under way to rectify issues with the logistic to move officers to attend to reports, I guess at this point of time community engagement is very important. As officers, it is very important to work closely with the communities. I am sure some people in the community and our leaders are willing to work with us as they are our stallholders.”

Kili says, “On the issue with manpower to Malu’u I am liaising with Honiara base office to send an Inspector and Staff Sergeant position to manage the station and we will work together to look at possibilities of increasing manpower but it depends sp much on availability of house for our officers here at Malu’u station.”

The visiting team also had engagement with teachers of Arnon Atomea school.

During the discussion, they raised some issues that need improvement in terms of policing at Malu’u.


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