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Manetiva & group want Seleso dissolve CIP Assembly


Five Provincial Members of the Central Islands Province who pledged their loyalty to ousted premier Stanley Manetiva have agreed tonight to call on the Minister of Provincial Government to dissolve the CIP Assembly.

Manetiva was voted out today in a second motion of no confidence against him in a month moved by MPAs’ who opposed to his leadership.

The first motion was moved on June 7th which saw Manetiva was ousted with eight votes to zero— but the Attorney-General had advised that the process was invalid, resulting in today’s second motion.


But speaking tonight, Manetiva and all his MPA supporters: Stanley Palumala, Edgar Tara, Daniel Manetiva and Celestine Pasalu agreed for the dissolution of the assembly.

“We are calling on the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (Rollen Seleso) to dissolve our assembly,” said former premier Manetiva.

In support of Manetiva, Palumala said even if a new government is elected next week—they would not be part of the Provincial Public Accounts Committee (PPAC).

The current political conflict in the CIP started when members of the PPAC boycotted the budget hearing which delayed the process resulting in CIP losing $5.6m of PCDF.

Most of those in the PPAC are now with the majority of MPAs’ of eight who voted to remove the premier today.

The PPAC which consists of four MPAs’ has a critical role of scrutinizing the budget before it goes to the full assembly. It is a legal process as required by law.

Manetiva explained that in the CIP, the executive consists of six ministers adding that as things stand, only two MPAs’ will be in the backbench.

“In order for a full PPAC, they will still require two of our MPAs’ sadly we will not want to be part of of the PPAC,” he said.

Palumala said just like they did to them; they would do the same to them.

“We don’t want to be part of the PPAC. This will mean that there will be no PPAC to securitize their budget,” he said.

In addition to that, Manetiva said the political struggle in CIP has resulted in two elections of a premier already which is not a good precedence to the rest of the provinces in the country.

And, he added, that they had wasted time and resources of the province—resulting in the people as the biggest losers in the end.

“The best thing is to dissolve the house and let our people decide who will be our new leaders,” said Tara.

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