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Maneniaru raises concern of very sick Asian in Torahira logging camp, West Are’are

Hon Mane.
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MEMBER of Parliament for West Are’Are Constituency Hon John Maneniaru has raised concerns over a logging vessel transporting seriously ill Asian to the logging camp in Torahira, Pipisu village.

Hon Maneniaru said he has received reports from concerned people in his constituency that the vessel left for West Are’Are last week and upon arrival, one of the Asians onboard was seriously ill with COVID like symptoms.

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The Asian was sick with headache, body pain, bleeding nose and shortness of breath.

The West Are’Are MP has raised concerns whether the six Asians that travelled on the boat had fulfilled COVID-19 travel protocols prior to departure to West Are’Are.

He also questioned whether the boat was exempted by the Oversight Committee and the Police Commissioner to travel, and if so why sick Asian’s were onboard.

“I am calling on the oversight committee and police to clarify these matter because this is a serious health threat to the people in the community,” he said.

The Opposition MP said he understands that no persons other than cargos and crews should travel to other parts of the country from Honiara under current restrictions.

“It is interesting to know why these Asians were transported from Honiara to a logging Camp in West Are’Are and if they have been exempted to travel under such circumstances,” he said.

Hon. Maneniaru said this matter has also raised concerns of expansion of logging operations and new logging sites forcing the movement of laborers during this time.

“This is a call for the government to also monitor the expansion of logging companies and movement of workers that is causing a threat to the current community transmission around the country,” he said.


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