Home Business Manele acknowledges Talent Seafoods Trading UAE’s interest in Soltuna products

Manele acknowledges Talent Seafoods Trading UAE’s interest in Soltuna products

Minister Jeremiah Manele and Ambassador Moses Kouni Mose after their business breakfast with Talents SeaFoods Trading Managing Partner Mr. Mohamed Kutty Valiyakath on December 12th 2022.
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The Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade Hon. Jeremiah Manele has conveyed his appreciation to Talent SeaFoods Trading Managing Partner, Mr. Mohammed Kutty Valiyakath for his relentless pursuit in acquiring more container loads of SolTuna products after signing a distributor agreement with the company in January this year on the margins of the highly successful 2020 Expo Dubai event of which Ambassador Moses Kouni Mose was the Commissioner General.

Minister Manele said that the surging interest shown by Talent SeaFoods Trading was very encouraging and was probably the most significant outcome emanating from the presence of the Solomon Islands Pavilion at the recent World Expo in the United Arab Emirates.

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Mr. Valiyakath stated that the rise in consumer demands was evident that SolTuna products were leveraging other foods brand names that had once dominated the major supermarket shelves over the past decades. He added that in order to meet the huge market demand, Talent SeaFoods Trading is hoping that SolTuna Limited will facilitate a Credit facility that will enable the UAE based distributor to increase its stock capacity so as to meet the ever-increasing consumer and industry demands.

Minister Manele and Ambassador Moses Kouni Mose supported the proposal by Talent SeaFoods Trading and stated that it was now the discretion of SolTuna Limited to respond in facilitating the request. Mr. Valiyakath also confirmed the next delivery of four more container loads of SolTuna products.

Minister Manele concluded by extending an invitation to Mr. Valiyakath to visit the Solomon Islands in February next year, of which Mr. Valiyakath has kindly agreed to.


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