Home News Man jailed for damaging surveyor’s equipment in Auki

Man jailed for damaging surveyor’s equipment in Auki

Jail: photo: google.
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A 22 years-old Malaitan male was sentenced to 12 months in jail after he was found guilty of wilful and unlawful damage to a land surveyor’s equipment by Auki Magistrates’ Court.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Malaita Province, Superintendent Leslie Kili said the incident took place in Auki town on 18 October last year.

PPC Kili said the survey equipment used by a land surveyor working in Auki was destroyed when the suspect suddenly showed up angry, and allegedly kicked the machine causing it to fall on the ground damaging the machine.

Superintendent Kili: “Let this conviction be a reminder. We have laws to guide and limit our actions, think before you act upon your emotions.”


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