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Man arrested for illegally brewing kwaso

Marijuana and brewing items confiscated during the raid (1)
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Police arrested an adult male during a raid at a settlement close to Kongulai dam in West Honiara on 14 July 2023 for brewing illegal brew kwaso.

The arrest came after a joint operation by the White River Police investigators and General Duties conducted at the settlement along the river to Namoruka.

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The raid happened after the culmination of information gathering into the illegal production and sale of kwaso in the area and supplies to other parts of Honiara.

Police discovered and seized a significant quantity of illegal alcohol and drugs with utensils used in the manufacturing of kwaso.

Supervising Operation Manager, White River Police Senior Constable Jimmy Ma’anumoana said illegal manufacturing of kwaso poses serious risks to both consumers and the society.

Ma’anumoana said the unregulated production of alcohol could lead to the distribution of contaminated products, which can have harmful health effects on individuals who consume them. He adds the illegal trade undermines legitimate business, depriving the government of tax revenue and fostering criminal activities.

“I encourage members of the public to report any suspicious activities related to the production or distribution of kwaso. The collaboration between RSIPF and the community plays a vital role in preventing such criminal operations and maintaining the safety and well-being of our society,”Ma’anumoana said.

“I wish to commend the professionalism and bravery demonstrated by officers involved in this operation. Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to enforcing the law have contributed significantly to the disruption of the illegal kwaso trade in our communities.”

“I warn all kwaso producers, black beer markets and liquor license premises that breach the conditions of their licenses that we are coming for you so either you stop or we take you,”Ma’anumoana warned.

The suspect has been dealt with and charged for restriction of making liquor and will appear before the Honiara Central Magistrates’ Court on a later date.


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