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Malaita Provincial Ministry of Health completes is AOP 2023 budget meeting

Malaita Health workers and officials.
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The Malaita provincial Ministry of Health and Medical Services has successfully completed its Annual Operation Plan 2023 budget meeting held last week at the Provincial Government Green House in Auki.

The meeting was attended by members of the Provincial Health Executive, Program Heads of Departments, and Regional Supervisors with the participation of planning and accounts officers from the National Ministry of Health.

The theme of the meeting: Advancing Quality Health Services through, system strengthening Approach.

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In his remarks to open the meeting, Malaita Provincial Health Director Dr Rex Maukera explained about the theme:

“Quality does not mean we provide new sophisticated machines. It is about improving and strengthening current processes and systems including activities to achieve better health outcomes for our people”,

 “This also entails strengthen existing partnerships and forging new ones at all levels for efficient and effective delivery of services. For instance, our strong partnership with the Provincial Government (MARA) has enabled us to take advantage of their wonderful support throughout our response to COVID-19  including infrastructure work in some of our clinics through the PCDF program, let alone our partnerships with other non-government organizations and civil society groups, churches and communities that has brought about many opportunities to further advance health services within our province”, explained Dr Maukera.

The Director also encouraged participants at the meeting to think outside of the box to explore opportunities where integration of programs and delivery of services can be achieved in a more efficient and effective manner.

In saying so, the Provincial Health Director used the opportunity to acknowledge the presence of the Deputy Premier Hon. Glen Waneta who attended the opening of the meeting and expressed sincere thanks and gratitude towards the support of the provincial government.

He also thanked the Senior Executive Management of the National Ministry of Health under the leadership of Mrs Pauline McNeil, the Health Permanent Secretary.

“The deployment of your planning and accounts officers to our meeting to present on key important documents including the upcoming new 10 years National Health Strategic Plan (2022 -2031) that will be launched soon is a demonstration of your commitment towards ensuring we are all on the same page in our efforts to preserve and advance the health and wellbeing of our people.


Dr. Maukera also acknowledged HODs, Regional Supervisors for their sacrifices and commitment throughout COVID-19 response. “Though challenging we must all take pride in all our efforts and more importantly for ensuring that all clinics remain open throughout the COVID-19 response”, said Dr Maukera.

In saying so, he encouraged participants that whilst we share our challenges and setbacks in this meeting, it does not mean we have not achieved anything.

“We have achieved a lot. The challenges we face is not against you but the systems in place therefore closely observe the gaps and challenges that you have in your respective programs and see how best these can be bridged and overcome”, said Dr Maukera.

He concluded emphasizing the need to strengthen monitoring and evaluation of health programs and health care services. “While there are issues pertaining to implementation I believe the real issue lies with seeing results. We need to be more result based focus and thus I encourage all to allocate sufficient budget for monitoring and evaluation.

Brian Idufanoa MHMS Chief Planning officer & Senior Executive Management Secretary and Beverly Sanga, Assistant Finance Officer of the National Ministry of Health deployed to support the Malaita Provincial Health team in their AOP 2023 budget meeting.

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