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Malaita Premier’s vehicle “in minor accident”


Premier of Malaita Daniel Suidani’s official vehicle ran into a minor accident last night in Malaita.

Photos sent to SBMOnline showed that one of the front-wheels of the vehicle was hanging in the air but the entire Hilux stayed firm on the ground held by three other wheels.


A source close to the Premier confirmed tonight that it was Suidani’s vehicle that was in the picture.

He explained that the minor accident occurred after the vehicle rolled over a stone that was placed to stop it from moving as it has issues with its break.

He said whilst the driver went to find betelnut the vehicle moved over the stone resulting in the minor accident. The vehicle has since been pulled back to safety and was back on the road. The official confirmed that the vehicle sustained no damages.

Meanwhile Suidani is expected to be released from quarantine tomorrow and travel to Malaita for a huge welcome home.

Suidani had been overseas for most of this year for medical treatment in Taiwan.

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