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Malaita Gov’t rejects press statement accuses deputy premier of lying


The Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) has come out and strongly rejected a press statement purportedly issued by its deputy premier Randle Sifoni—at the same time accused him of working against the interest of the province.

In a statement this morning, the MARA Government headed by Premier Daniel Suidani said it rejected the statement supposedly coming from the Deputy Premier Sifoni, dated 18 August. Read press release: https://sbm.sb/2021/08/18/malaita-provincial-govt-unaware-of-petition/


The press statement issued last night from the Ministry of Provincial Government and said to come from Malaita Province stated that the Provincial Government was unaware nor endorsed the petition by the Honiara Based Malaitans.

The petition contained nine points which were presented to the government last Friday.

The press statement last night said to be issued by deputy premier stated that the executive had not sighted a copy of the petition and not had it endorsed it to formally represent the interest of the entire province.

But in a statement from the premier’s political office, the premier said he consulted some of the members of the executive on seeing the letter that came out yesterday and they were not aware of it. 

“This letter claimed to represent the Malaita Provincial Executive but several Members of the Executive confirmed they never met nor endorsed any such statement.

Sifoni is speaking on his own behalf and he is lying when he claims to speak for Malaita Provincial Government Executive,” the statement said today.

It adds that the members of the MARA Provincial Government categorically denied having any knowledge of this press release and its content.

“There was no meeting by members of the MARA Provincial Government to authorize such press release. The members of the MARA Provincial Government have been in their wards over the past few days prior to the letter from Sifoni. They were celebrating the Malaita Second Appointed Day and there was never any meeting to discuss or authorize the press release and the statements in it. 

“Clearly, the press release was written by the Deputy PS with the approval of the Deputy Premier Hon. Sifoni. They did it alone then claimed it was from the MARA Provincial Government,” the statement highlighted. 

It said what the Deputy PS and the Deputy Premier have done is a misrepresentation of the MARA Provincial Government.

“That is dishonest practice and a clear indication that the Deputy Premier and the Deputy PS are working against the good relationship that MARA Provincial Government has with its people.  For the record, the MARA Provincial Government is not part of the petition by the Honiara based Malaitan’s that was submitted to the national government. 

MARA Provincial Government recognizes the democratic right of the petitioners to make such a petition to the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands. 

He said the MARA Provincial Government also does not see any relevance of Sifoni’s statement forcing himself into the issue between voters and citizens of Solomon Islands, and the DCGA government whom they are petitioning. 

The petition was submitted by Honiara based Malaitans as voters and citizens to the DCGA. That is their right, which they have exercised responsibly based on their own free will. 

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