Home News Kenilorea delivers almost $700,000 to SINU as part of EAC students’ fees

Kenilorea delivers almost $700,000 to SINU as part of EAC students’ fees

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The MP for East Are’are Constituency (EAC), Hon. Peter Kenilorea Junior, this morning delivered nearly $700,000 ($699, 800.40) to the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) as part of his constituency support to the nearly 300 EAC students that are attending the national university.

According to SINU, East Are’are Constituency has the highest number of students now enrolled at the university more than any other constituencies in the country.

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Kenilorea said his constituency puts priority in education— as agreed to by the parents— and the delivery of the funds today was to allow EAC students to continue with their studies in the final semester of this year. He adds they would continue to work on any other outstanding fees that EAC students incur this year as part of the constituency’s support towards their school fees.

In this regard, Kenilorea said much of his funding to human resources development goes to SINU – which he adds in a way is also to support the national university.

According to the university, EAC is one of the only few constituencies that has paid the university school fees for students that are funded by their constituencies.

Director of Student Academic Services of SINU Chris Laubua said the funds would really help the university with its operations.

Laubua says with the payment all EAC 289 students can now register with SINU to continue with their studies in the second semester.

SBMOnline understands that the government has recently written to the university to assure them that all constituencies’ outstanding fees would be paid in October.

Kenilorea says the funds come from his constituency’s allocation for human resources development.


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