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Hon. Tuasulia Joins Solomon Islands United Party

Hon Tuasulia, centre, UP Leader P.Kenilorea and MP for Central Honiara Alfred Efona.
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In a significant development for the political landscape of the Solomon Islands, Hon. Tuasulia, the esteemed representative of West Kwara’ae Constituency, has officially announced his decision to join the Solomon Islands United Party (UP). This decision comes as a direct response to the wishes and aspirations of the people of West Kwara’ae, whom he passionately serves and represents.

Hon. Tuasulia ran as an independent candidate at the recent by-election for West Kwara’ae. His decision to align with the UP reflects his commitment to a people centered approach in the growth and development of his constituency and its communities.

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Hon. Tuasulia stated, ‘I am pleased to join UP in light of the what the party stands for and I also want to honour the wishes of my people to align myself with UP’.

Recognizing UP’s long-standing and historical dedication to the welfare of the nation and its citizens, Hon. Tuasulia believes that this partnership will enhance the opportunities for progress and prosperity in West Kwara’ae.

The Parliamentary Wing Leader for UP, Hon. Kenilorea, MP for East Are Are, expressed his delight at Hon. Tuasulia’s decision to join the party. He praised Hon. Tuasulia’s dedication to public service and affirmed that his inclusion in the UP will further strengthen the party’s resolve to work tirelessly for the betterment of the Solomon Islands as a whole.

‘On behalf of UP parliamentary members I welcome Hon. Tuasulia to UP and acknowledge the support of his people for him to join the party’, Hon. Kenilorea stated adding, ‘we are aware that there is an election petition currently before the courts and respect that process but we acknowledge Hon. Tuasulia’s important and decisive election by his people to represent them as well’.

The move marks a pivotal moment for both Hon. Tuasulia and the Solomon Islands United Party, as they unite to advance the collective vision of a prosperous and inclusive nation. As Hon. Tuasulia takes his place within the UP, it is evident that the party’s commitment to empowering the people and communities across the Solomon Islands continues to resonate among the nation’s esteemed leaders.

Hon. Tuasulia and the UP leadership eagerly anticipate the positive impact of this alliance, as they work collaboratively to address the pressing challenges and unlock the tremendous potential of West Kwara’ae and its people.

UP now has five MPs in parliament and is the only political party to have gained MPs among its ranks during the life of the 11th Parliament.

The five MPs are, Hon. Alfred Efona, (Central Honiara), Hon. Colodio Te’ifi (West Kwaio), Hon. Silas Tausinga (West New Georgia Vona Vona, Hon. Alfred Billy Tuasulia (West Kwara’ae), and Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jr. (East Are Are).

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