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High Court refuses gov’t’s “strike out application”, Suidani’s case set for full trial

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Former Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani’s case against the government for terminating him as a provincial member will now go to full hearing after the high court rules in his favour.

The High Court has refused a strike out application from the First Respondent (Minister Seleo) and the Second Respondent (Speaker Ronnie Butala) on former Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani’s application to enlarge time for payment of security and reduce value of security for his petition case against Minister Rollen Seleso and Malaita Provincial Assembly Speaker Ronnie Butala.

Caretaker Minister Seleso and Butala through their lawyers have made application for Suidani’s case against his dismissal as an MPA in Malaita be struck out and the time for the former premier’s request to enlarge (extend) time of payment of security of $40,000 is reduced.

Seleso disqualified Suidani from being a Malaita provincial assembly member for ward 5 West Baegu Fataleka on the grounds that he breached the provincial government act when he refused to recognize China after the 2019 switch.

In handing down the decision, Justice Maelin Bird granted to the petitioner (Suidani) the reliefs sought and refusing the strike out application by the First and Second Respondents (Minister Seleo and Speaker Butala).

Bird also granted Suidani’s application for an enlarged time for the payment of security.

Suidani’s office says following the ruling, the court will now proceed to the substantive case of his disqualification from the Malaita provincial Assembly.

Suidani is represented by Mr Gabriel Suri while the Minister and the Speaker is represented by Brenton Pitry of the Attorney Generals Chambers.



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