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Health releases more details on Sea Mercy health operations here

The floating hospital was in Honiara last year it will be back again in November for PG2023
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The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) would like to inform the public that the operation of the Sea Mercy, the floating hospital, with regards to health care provision will be both on the ship and at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) from today (30th August) till 9th of September and will be conducted jointly with the local medical team.

For operations and treatment on board the Sea Mercy, there have been patients admitted at NRH that were identified and have been scheduled for admission on board the vessel for specialised medical treatment and procedures.

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On the other hand, a team from Sea Mercy which includes, surgeons, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Internal Medicine, paediatrics, optometrists, OT (Anaesthesia/surgical), Pharmacist, laboratories, Biomedical, Rehabilitation, Psychiatrist/mental health specialist including, Infection Control, CSSD, Nutritionist will be deployed to NRH for side by side exchanges while treating and caring for patients. Training to build capacity of medical staff at NRH will also be conducted.

Some in- patients at NRH wards who will be seen by both local and the visiting medical team at NRH without the need to board Sea Mercy. They too have already been identified by NRH clinical team.

For the general public who may also want to be assessed if their conditions would require specialized assessment and treatment by the visiting team, they can come to NRH outpatient where they will be assessed and based on the assessment recommendations will be made.

From the 6th to the 9th of September, a joint operation comprising of the medical team from Sea Mercy and NRH will be deployed to Malaita and Western province where they will conduct surgeries and dermatology, including reproductive health screening and treatment.

In Malaita, the team will be working at the Kilufi hospital in Auki while other groups will be stationed at Dala and Fauambu clinics. In the Western province operations will be conducted from the Gizo Hospital. Community outreach programs will also be held in these provinces.

Other public health programs such as dental examinations will be conducted in schools and communities including public health awareness and community outreach. Exact locations will be communicated shortly.

For any further public enquiries regarding operations of the Sea Mercy team with our local medical team, please contact the following persons

National Referral Hospital:

Barbara Pwaisiho: NRH Emergency Operation Centre Room Manager – Email [email protected] or phone 21068

Malaita Province operations

Malaita Provinical Health Director Dr Rex Maukera – Email: [email protected] or phone 7707239

Western Province operations

Western Province Health Director Dr Dickson Boara – Email [email protected]


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