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HCC explains side of story to clear rumour on alleged attack of vendor

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The Honiara City Council (HCC) wishes to clear out rumors relating to an allegation circulating on social media (Facebook) and published by Solomon Star Newspaper claiming that Law Enforcement officers mistreated, manhandled, and brutally attacked a woman indeed is misleading.

The incident occurred on Monday 5th February 2024, not over the past weekend as claimed by Solomon Star today Thursday 8th February 2024, issue paper No. 8696.

The woman who allegedly claimed to have been beaten badly is a street vendor who has always been scolded by Law Enforcement officers many times for illegally selling betelnuts and cigarettes says Law Enforcement Director Robert Madeo.

The officers first approached her, but she resisted began aggressively, and tried to escape but two female Law enforcement officers apprehended her in the Patrol vehicle.

“She was arrested for illegally selling betelnuts and cigarettes in front of the Honiara Pokies Club, and when they drove back to the office, the woman pooed in her jeans and rubbed it all over her face and body, and on the back seat of the Law Enforcement Landcruiser which was not accepted in our cultural norms,” Madeo said.

The said female through her ignorance, resistance, and aggressive behavior escaped after being held to be dealt with says Director Madeo.

‘We are aware that vendors are also mobilizing to provoke officers but let me assure you that we will not tolerate any breach of city council ordinances for the betterment of Honiara City and its populace says the Director of Law Enforcement.

“These sterns a warning to illegal vendors along the streets of the city that HCC Law enforcement is stepping up its effort in enforcing the city council ordinances for a clean healthy, and safe city,” Madeo explained.

He appealed to all street vendors to comply with the Honiara City Council Ordinances.

“All betelnut vendors are advised to do betelnut selling only at Gegema Betelnut Market at Tuvaruhu, Marble Street, Central Honiara,” Madeo expressed.

HCC press statement

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