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HC Hilton announces 22 community projects worth millions of dollars under the Australia Community partnership projects

HC Hilton signs one of the projects with a rep from the Kolona community for Water & Sanitation Project.
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Australia yesterday announced 22 new community projects throughout Solomon Islands worth millions of dollars.

The Australian High Commissioner HE Rod Hilton signed agreements to fund 22 community projects through Solomon Islands through the Australia Community Partnership grants.


Australia is Solomon Islands’ largest development partner, supporting all areas of society and the economy – from health, justice, and education, to infrastructure, labour mobility, private sector growth and agriculture.

Australia says it is proud to continue deepening its relationship with villages in Solomon Islands outside of Honiara, through small scale infrastructure projects like the recently awarded 22 projects.

Hilton in signing the projects stated that he himself has seen the difference on how the projects have impacted the life of rural communities.

He pointed to a clinic in Langalanga area that will benefit 19 people there.

The beneficiaries with the HC Hilton in Honiara

In Isabel, he stated that Australia helped with 20 toilet blocks in Susubona.

Hilton revealed that the projects are widely spread through out the country.

Currently there are 63 projects worth between six to seven million dollars being awarded through the Australia partnership grants.

All of the recipients who spoke yesterday expressed their joy in receiving the projects.

The projects were each given on merit.

A spokesman for the Kava Community on Isabel which is given a community field under the project said it has always been the dream their people to have the community field.

Aron Mane said the concrete slab field will be used by the community for many purpose from sporting to community and church activities.

Below are the recipients of the projects.


Location/Province Type of Project Project Name
1 North-West Choiseul Sanitation St Joseph’s Moli Primary School Ablution Block
2 South Choiseul Water Tanks Crocodile Passage community rainwater catchment project
3 Northwest Guadalcanal Solar Pump & Tanks Northwest Guadalcanal Development Association Solar Pump and Tanks – 15 communities
4 Gao Bugotu, Isabel Water Supply Hovi Ligara Water Supply Project
5 Gao Bugotu, Isabel Classroom Kalenga Primary School
6 Gao Bugotu, Isabel Classroom Tamahi Kindergarten Classroom
7 Gao Bugotu, Isabel Community Hall Nagholau Women’s Community Hall
8 Hograno/Kia/Havulei, Isabel Community/Field Kava Community Grounds
9 Hograno/Kia/Havulei, Isabel Solar Lighting Kolomola Solar Lighting Project
10 Northeast Guadalcanal Water & Sanitation Kolona Water & Sanitation Project (Northeast Guadalcanal)
11 East Are’Are, Malaita Community Hall Tawanaora Community Hall
12 Aoke/ Langalanga, Malaita CCC Upgrades Malaita Christian Care Centre upgrades
13 North Malaita School Staff House Arnon Atomea Staff House Project
14 East Are’Are, Malaita Community Hall Tawataha Training Centre Community Hall
15 West Kwaio, Malaita Water and Sanitation West Kwaio Constituency Water tanks and sanitation
16 West Are’Are, Malaita Footpath & Solar Light Sisiomate Community Footpath and Solar Lighting Project
17 Temotu Pele Solar Power Nuoba Clinic Solar Power Project
18 Gizo Kolombangara, Western Province School Fencing Gizo SDA Kindergarten School Fencing (Gizo Kolombangara)
19 Marovo, Western Province Clinic Staff House Cheara Clinic Staff House
20 Marovo, Western Province School Fencing Penjuku Primary School Fencing Project
21 North Vella La Vella Water / Handwash Irigila Handwash Primary School
22 Central Kwara’ae Community Hall Taka’asai Community Hall

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