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Gov’t to review weights and measures regulations

Officials from PMO- PIMEU, MCILI's Consumer Affairs and Price Control Division and Nathans and Associates Ltd
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The Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour, and Immigration’s (MCILI) Consumer Affairs and Price Control Division is set to undertake a comprehensive review of the Weights and Measures legal framework, aiming to propose updated regulations.

Director of Consumer Affairs, Geoffrey Dan Houua, made this announcement during a policy briefing last week at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).

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The primary objective of the proposed Weights and Measures Policy is to enhance the role of trade in driving the economic growth of the Solomon Islands by improving the business environment.

It aims to establish and enforce necessary controls on measurements, ensuring that the physical nature and quantity of products align with international standards.

The policy will also emphasizes maintaining the accuracy and integrity of measurements within the established metric system across all trading transactions.

Furthermore, it seeks to protect consumer rights and interests by establishing standards of conduct for individuals and entities involved in the production, sale, and distribution of goods and services.

Accurate measurement is fundamental to establishing trust and fairness in market transactions. By adhering to recognized measurement standards, the agreement on the monetary value of goods and services between buyers and sellers becomes reliable and transparent.

Legal metrology, which encompasses the system of laws regulating measuring instruments used in trade and commerce, plays a crucial role in consumer protection, facilitating domestic commerce, and enabling international trade.

The MCILI Permanent Secretary Riley Mesepitu expresses gratitude for the support provided by Nathans and Associates Limited under the SCALE Program.

The company is offering technical assistance in drafting the policy and reviewing the Weights and Measures Regulations for the Weights and Measures Act.

The SCALE T&I Activity, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aims to strengthen competitiveness, agriculture, livelihoods, environment, trade, and investment in the Solomon Islands.

The review and formulation of the Weights and Measures Policy signifies the government’s commitment to ensuring fairness, accuracy, and transparency in trade, ultimately benefiting consumers and supporting the growth of the national economy.

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