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The National Government has called on the Leader of Opposition to man up and admit his wrong judgement in playing along with the people who masterminded the senseless looting and rioting that happened in Honiara.

In a statement, the National Government stated that it is common knowledge that prior to the looting and rioting honourable Matthew Wale and his colleagues in the Opposition Office were with the very people who would later board the ship from Auki to Honiara to start the looting and rioting.

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The Government added that it is more than a coincidence that it was only a few days earlier that Wale and his colleagues were present with the very people that would later come to Honiara to carry out the plan to destroy Honiara.

“If Wale and his colleagues denied having knowledge of the plan to cause an uprising, then as leaders they should admit that they have made a wrong judgement for playing along with those who masterminded the burning and looting of Honiara,” the National Government stated.

Government pointed out that Wale’s assertion that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is to take the responsibility for the tragedy is ludicrous and a desperate attempt to pass the buck and deny responsibility.

“Wale should take a look in the mirror as his actions prior to the looting and burning were so telling that even a man in the street could make a judgement for himself,” the Government statement added.

The National Government reaffirmed that damage of considerable amount has been done and Wale should take responsibility for his part in the destructive carnage.

The Government is now redirecting its energy and commitment towards rebuilding our city.

Much importantly, the National Government reassure its people that it continues to protect democracy and its values.

“We must totally condemn and reject any ideas and plans that promote the rule of the jungle.

Our allegiance to the country must be revived and strengthened as well. Parents and guardians must instill in our children the love for the country and that the spirit of nationalism must develop from our homes,” the Government statement highlighted.

The National Government reaffirms that it is working on assisting business owners who have lost their properties in the rioting and looting.

“Talks are now in the advance stage with our bilateral friends who are willing to help us rebuild our city,” the government pointed out.

The national government stands committed to complete its term in power and will not deviate from serving the interests of the people.

Issued by OPMC

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