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Gov’t plans to build Youth and Children’s Centre in Auki

PS Dr Cedric Alependava, right, and Premier Daniel Suidani.
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Ministry of Youth has recently revealed that it plans to build a Youth and Children’s Centre in Auki, Malaita

During a dinner meeting on 8th of September Permanently Secretary of Women, Youth, Children & Family Affairs Dr Cedric Alependava outlined Ministry’s plan for 2023 development budget is to build Youth and Children’s Centre in Auki town for Malaita, ultimately to empower many Malaita Youth and Children.

A statement from the Ministry said that the Youth and Children Centre will be a beacon of hope where “our youth and children will see and realize that we do care for them, and undoubtedly the usage of this hub will eventually transform their lives.”

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It further states that this is also biblical which is pronounced in Luke 2: 52 – that our hope through this centre we will be able to improve our Youth and Children in all facets of life, “spiritually, mentally, socially and physically”.

In response, Premier Daniel Suidani has welcomed the news stating that “the land is available for this very important development Project for Youth and Children Center”.

He also assured the Ministry to create a position of a need SAFENET officer in Malaita Provincial government establishment next year 2023.

Suidani reiterated that his MARA government is happy to support this kind of initiative because Malaita’s population of Youth and Children is more than 70% and as such, it needs to bring this kind of development to Provincial level so that “we can be able to reach each constituency and wards to empower them.”


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