Premier Polycap Galaigu receives the gear on behalf of Tulagi
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Waste Management Unit within the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) in the Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) is continuing its support to communities who have taken the initiative to clean up their surroundings.

On Tuesday 11th  October 2022 Zone 3 in Central Provincial capital Tulagi took delivery of tools worth about $20,000 to assist them to make their work easier when cleaning up their surroundings. The tools include a grass cutter, shovels and spades, wheelbarrows and rakes among others. The assistance was given following a request made by the group for possible assistance from the MECDM.

Speaking at a low key handover at the provincial capital, Premier Hon. Polycap Galaigu sees the importance of the tools and expressed his government’s appreciation to the MECDM. He encouraged members of Zone 3 who benefited from the tools to use them and use them for the right purpose

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“I urge you members of Zone 3 to use the tools and use them rightly. Having the tools available is good,  but if you do not use them, there won’t be any difference”.

He further emphasized that “getting such assistance is not easy, it takes time and effort so it is equally important that apart from using it you must use it, you must use it for the right purpose”.

Also present at the ceremony is the Deputy Provincial Secretary (DPS) Ms Delillah Lowe who reiterated the importance of proper waste management. She said people usually say Tulagi is small and it can be easily managed but yet there is evidence everywhere that there is no proper waste management in place.

Ms Lowe said there is need for a change in the behaviour of our people. When we talk about tourism, we need to have a clean environment. Our roads must be clean, our beaches must be clean, our houses must be clean, and to achieve that there must be behavioral change, that is first and foremost.

Responding to the remarks by the Premier and (DPS) Deputy Director ECD Ms. Debra Kereseka said ECD will continue to advocate for proper waste management and work with provincial governments and communities who take the initiative to clean up their surroundings and improve their waste management practices.

“We at the ministry are promoting the implementation of the National Waste Management and Pollution Control Strategy and relevant national laws, but our efforts can only come to fruition with the participation of stakeholders and communities. Without your partnership it will be difficult for the government to implement its policies. So this partnership with Zone 3 in Tulagi is very important as far as the policy implementation is concerned.

Ms Kereseka added “it is important for all of us to know that every day we produce waste and so we must also become managers of our own waste, by doing so we will not have waste piling up at each passing day”.

The collaboration with Central Province to cleanup Tulagi township started way back in 2018.


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