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Gov’t identifies state-owned land for new graveyard but unable to reveal location

COL McNeil. Wale congratulates him on his excellent work.
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The Government has already identified a state-owned land for the new cemetery to replace Kolaridge. But the Commissioner of Lands Allan McNeil said the they are still discussing it internally in the government and importantly they need to discuss it with Guadalcanal Province.

“The new site is owned by the government so we don’t need to deal with any other registered landowner,” he told a media conference today.

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“We have been very busy and we have been committed to finding the new site for the cemetery. This is urgent. We are working really fast and putting all our resources into this,” McNeil told journalists and his colleagues in the panel.

He added because of the continued discussion he was not in a position to reveal the new site today.

Meanwhile McNeil revealed that they had initially discussed with a registered land-owner at Betikama for the new cemetery site— but they pulled out of it – in what he described as too good to be true.

McNeil said it was true that an offer was made by a registered landowner and it was too good to be true.

“It was a free offer,” he said.

McNeil said the area that needed for the cemetery represents just one percent or less than that as it was a big land.

“In that situation it was a genuine offer because it was a tiny land of that big parcel. After the offer was made we visited the area. We all agreed it was a nice area. But after the visit the goalpost has started to move.  Additional requirements and conditions start to come up. Eventually it was too good to true.”  

McNeil added: “Originally it looked as a genuine offer, free offer but everything changed. After the conditions came up. We agreed that it was not reasonable anymore,” he said.


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