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Government meets with Honiara Road Contractors ensuring work continues unabated

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Despite heavy rain and poor weather causing worsening Potholes and affecting Road Maintenance & patching work in Honiara City, Government has seen it fit to strategize and offer specific short term maintenance Contracts to our Local Road Contractors to ensure Road User ability.

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Infrastructure Hon. Manasseh Maelanga in a brief meeting with the Contractors encouraged them to continue to have open dialogue with the Government to collectively address and progress road works.

“It is in the interest of all Road users that road maintenance continues unabated and even when experiencing bad weather conditions alternative plans are put in place.”

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DPM Maelanga said that Government sees fit to award contracts and it is the Road Contractors who must deliver the end product so it was incumbent on Government to be on top of the challenges and issues arising.

Director Civil Engineering, Mike Qaqara, emphasized to the Road Maintenance Contractors to continue to deliver on the Specific Road Work Maintenance and encouraged them to contact him on issues faced. Road users deserve quality road maintenance outcome, he stated.

The Road Contractors expressed that work progress was hindered by the continuous rain but were adamant…..”we will deliver.”

In attendance were representatives from Solomon Sheet Steel, EMCO and XIAO contractors.


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