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Government embarks on Russel Islands investment program


The National Government in partnership with the Central Islands Provincial government and the Russell Islands Investment Forum (RIIF) have completed an onsite scoping exercise in identifying potential areas for investment in the Russell Islands last week.

The team visited hot spot areas identified as highly potential for tourism, agriculture and fisheries development projects in the islands, including the proposed Pavuvu township area.

Some of the existing projects in the rural areas were also been visited during the trip.


Initial tasks carried out during the trip included visiting, site seeing and plotting of the sites for mapping.

Potential sites for development projects being identified include Mane, Leru, Marulaon, Pavuvu, Alokan and Loun within the Eastern and Western Regions of Russell Islands.

The team also met and discussed with members of the Lavukal House of Chiefs and some resource owners.

The identification exercise is part of the initial stages of the Government’s flagship investment program for the country and especially for Russel Islands.

Information collected by the team and documentation of the sites will be compiled as an investment fact platform for investors guide and to promote investment in Russell Islands.

This is a participatory inclusiveness and cross-sectoral opportunities approach for Russell Islands to encourage investment and participation of ordinary people to engage in business entrepreneurship.

Reinvestment and redevelopment in the Russell Islands is one of the priorities in the Government’s development policy, stemmed out of the Maralauon Comminique and MOU signed by the Central Provincial Government, CIP, and National Government in 2019.

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